Membership to Join$10.00
Membership Share$50.00 par value
Close Primary Account$50.00 within the first 6 months
Share, Share Draft & all Sub Accounts Non-sufficient funds NSF
ACH Return$35.00
Stop Payment$45.00
Check Copy$2.00
Bank Wire$10.00 per US wire transfer/ international $25.00
Dormant Account$10.00 per quarter, after 1 year in dormant
Account Limitation Monthly$3.00 fee per draft after your 6 withdrawal in a month
3rd parties Teller Check$3.00 per check
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Penalty2% of the amount at closing or $10.00 whichever is greater
Vacation Club Excessive Withdrawal$5.00 fee charge after the 2nd withdrawal within the same year
Debit Card Monthly Service Charge$5.00
Return Check$35.00
Debit Card replacement$5.00 lost, stolen or damage card
Expedited Card$35.00
Debit Card Overdraft**Opt-Out: Regulation E rule or Overdraft Protection plans
Loan Processing$10.00
Joint Loan Processing$5.00 Per Co-Applicant
Short-term Lending Processing$10.00
Loan Non-sufficient funds-NSF$35.00
Payment by phone$10.00
Visa Gift Card$3.00 per card
Account Research$10.00 per hour
Telephone Transfer$1.00 per transfer
Fax Service Fee$1.00 (outgoing only)
Account History / Statement copy$5.00 per month and quarter statements
Reconciliation$10.00 per hour
DMV Lien$12.00 & up depends on type of lien