Maximum Loan Amount Maximum Term Interest Rate As low as
New Auto 2017-2016
New Tier 1$50,000.0036 months5.00%
New Tier 2$50,000.0048 months5.25%
New Tier 3$50,000.0060 months5.50%
New Tier 4$50,000.0072 months5.75%
Note:*includes prior year models that have never been titled & have less than 8000 miles.
Used Auto 2016-2013
Used Tier 1$50,000.0024 months5.25%
Used Tier 2$50,000.0036 months6.50%
Used Tier 3$50,000.0048 months6.75%
Used Tier 4$50,000.0060 months7.00%
Used Auto 2012-2010
New Motorcycle$50,000.0060 months7.00% - 16.00% *
Used Motorcycle$50,000.0060 months7.00% - 16.00% *
Used Motorcycle Tier 1$50,000.0024 months7.00%
Used Motorcycle Tier 2$50,000.0036 months7.25%
Used Motorcycle Tier 3$50,000.0048 months7.50%
Used Motorcycle Tier 4$50,000.0060 months8.00%
Share Secured100% SharesUp to 48 months5.00%
Signature Loan$6,000.0036 months8.00% - 17.00% *
Signature Tier 1$6,000.0012 months8.00%
Signature Tier 2$6,000.0018 months10.00%
Signature Tier 3$6,000.0024 months11.00%
Signature Tier 4$6,000.0036 months >$6,00012.00%
Share Certificate$50,000.0060 months**3% above current Certificate rate
Emergency Loan$500.005 Months Term28.00% Annual Percentage Rate
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* Interest rates are determined by credit worthiness and other factors such as length of loan and year of vehicle. We will lower the interest rate on vehicle loans by .25% if the member obtains pre-approval.

* We finance 100% of NADA retail on cars. 2006 & older vehicles NADA Loan Value. Terms based on year of used car. We finance 90% of NADA Retail on motorcycles.