We offer:

*Share Account (Savings accounts) are paid dividends on a quarterly basis. The Board of directors declares dividends to be paid at the end of each quarter.

Share Certificates (CD’s): We offer certificates for six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months at a fixed interest rate. Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly.

*Note: Federal Regulations prohibit payment of dividends in excess of available earnings.

Christmas Club Accounts: You decide the amount you want to save in this account.  Regular deposits to your Christmas Club account add up over the months and earn the same rate dividends as a regular share account. The funds are usually available on October 1st and automatically renew for the next year.

Tax Club Accounts: This account is a great way to save for personal property tax, real estate taxes and /or IRS taxes.

Vacation Club Accounts: This account allows you to save for that next vacation trip.

Smart Savers Accounts: A Smart Saving Account is designed for children 17 and younger.